I hear so many people these days say; “Have a blessed day.” or “I feel blessed to be alive.” or “You are blessed.”  I have heard it so many times it would to go in one ear and out the other. But, as God guided me through Scripture through His Holy Spirit this word “blessed” took on an entirely different meaning. Especially, in Matthew 21:9 where it reads;

And the crowds that went before him and that followed him were shouting, “Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!”  (ESV)

Who does Matthew say the crowd was talking about? Who does Matthew say is blessed?  It Christ Jesus Himself!

The same Christ Jesus who less than a week later, after He rides a borrowed donkey into Jerusalem would endure a trial with much questioning and much horrific physical pain as He was beaten, nailed to a  cross and crucified with two common criminals.

(Keep in mind Jesus is called “blessed less than a week earlier.)

  1. Jesus is questioned by the religious leaders about paying taxes. (Matthew 22:15-22)
  1. Jesus is questioned about the resurrection. (Matthew 22:23-33).
  1. Jesus is questioned about the great commandment. (Matthew 22:34-40)
  1. Jesus asks the Pharisees questions. (What do you think about the Christ?  and  “Whose Son is He?) (Matthew 22:41-46)
  1. Jesus continues to do His Father’s will by teaching His followers. (Matthew 23-25)
  1. Jesus is anointed with perfume; Judas agrees to betray Jesus, Jesus and His disciples have the Last supper; Jesus tells Peter again that he will deny Him. (Matthew 26:1-35)
  2. Jesus agonizes in the garden called Gethsemane in which Jesus tells His disciples to stay awake and watch and pray with Him, yet three different times Jesus finds them asleep. (Matthew 26:36-46)
  3. Jesus is betrayed, arrested and all of His disciples forsook Him and fled. (Matthew 26:47-50)

(Keep in mind Jesus is called “blessed less than a week earlier.)

 Note of importance!  Christ is now on His own, or so it appears. His close disciples have all fled! (God’s plan from the beginning!)

10. Caiaphas questions Jesus; Caiaphas rips his clothing and accuses Jesus of blasphemy. Then they spat in Jesus’ face, beat Him while others struct  Jesus with the palms of their hands while degrading Him by asking Him to prophesy who it was that struck Him.(Matthew 26:57-68)

11. Peter denies Jesus 3 times as Jesus said he would. (Matthew 26:69-75)

12. Jesus is on trial before Pilate where he ask Jesus, “Are you the King of the Jews?”  (Jesus was silent and Pilate marveled greatly.) (Matthew 27:11-14)

13. Jesus was handed over to be crucified and Pilate ask the crowd to choose between Jesus and Barabbas as to he would let go. (They chose Barabbas who was arrested for taking part in a rebellion against Rome.)

NOTE OF INTEREST – In is here in John 18:38 Pilate asks Jesus a very interesting                 question. One we all should be asking! One we should be seeking every second of               every day, and that question is;

What is truth?

14. Jesus was scourged and delivered to be crucified. (Matthew 27:15-26)

(Keep in mind Jesus is called “blessed less than a week earlier.)

15. A garrison of soldiers, about 200 men, stripped Jesus, clothed Him with a scarlet robe and placed upon His head was a crown of thorns which the soldiers twisted together, and He was led away to be crucified. (Matthew 27:27-31)

(Keep in mind Jesus is called “blessed less than a week earlier.)

16. Jesus forced to carry His own crucifixion cross became physically unable to carry it any farther due to the beating they had delivered to Him. (Matthew 27:32-33)

17. Jesus was nailed to the cross experiencing one of the most horrific ways to die man has ever devised. Jesus’ garments were divided among them,

“They divided My garments among them,  And for My clothing they cast lots.” (Matthew 27:35

(Yet Jesus is called “blessed less than a week earlier in Matthew 27:9)

18. Jesus hung on the cross in agonizing pain for (most believe) 6 hours before He yielded up His spirit. (Matthew 27:50)

Try to comprehend the horrible pain and suffering our Savior, Christ Jesus went through hanging upon that cross, naked, beaten to a pulp, nails in His hands/wrist and feet/ankles, breathing becoming more excruciating as time went on while people openly mocked Him as they gazed upon Him-our SAVIOR!

(Yet Jesus is called “blessed less than a week earlier in Matthew 27:9)

The word blessed takes on a whole new meaning for me, (and I pray for you aswell,) when God’s Scripture is examined and the God’s truth is what we are seeking. So, the next time someone uses the word  “blessed,” I pray that we all consider what our Heaven Father means to be “blessed,” and what our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus did to be called “blessed.”  Christ Jesus always did His Father’s will, always.  It must be the same for us.

Have a “blessed” life.

In peace and love.

“He must increase but I must decrease.”  (John 3:30)

(“blessed” – Strongs  #3107 is used 41 time in the New Testament.)






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