A little less than a year ago our region (SW Ohio) was devastated by a category 4 tornado that had us huddled in our basements taking cover as the sirens screamed. Few lives were lost, but in many, the emotional damage still lingers and the physical damage is still very evident.

Here we are less than 10 months later and something far worse has hit not only our area but the entire world. Something invisible! Something no one can see with the naked eye and something far worse than anything most of us living have never experienced before. An invisible virus that has most of the world hunkered down in their homes in an attempt to slow down the spread of this devastating evil. That’s right – evil, straight from Satan himself!

Satan has the masses in a defensive mode, while CHRIST JESUS calls us to be on the offensive! Satan has millions in fear, while CHRIST JESUS says, “fear not. ”This current situation is just that, current! There are more devastating events to come! With this in mind, the big question is; how are you as an individual reacting to this current situation?

Question? Where is your focus? Is it on the here and now, or on your eternal destination? I would venture to say that the majority of the world’s population will make it through this current devastating situation. Many, after this current situation will go on with their lives as if nothing happened. But, my friend more is coming sooner than later and you can be sure that what is to come will not be pleasant by any means of one’s imagination.

The truth of the matter is that we all are going to leave this physical world and return to our Heavenly FATHER one day. (Job 1:21) It is not about our “physical” being, but about our “spiritual” being that will live for an eternity. Are you putting your trust in our Heavenly FATHER during these times or do you trust that our man-made government is going to save you? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but no government made-up of men and women, who are not seeking FATHER’S will, is going to lead you toward our Heavenly FATHER.

Only CHRIST JESUS can and will save you from the spiritual decay we have been experiencing since CHRIST JESUS walked this earth. Any fix any government comes up with is only a temporary fix. What about the next disaster if you make it through this one? (I will not go into the devastation this is going to have on our economy for years to come as our debt continues to sky-rocket out of control.) Our “man-made” government is not going to continue as it is currently operating! No amount of stored food, or money or how much toilet paper you have in reserves is going to save you from what is to come.

Only CHRIST JESUS can get you through this and HE is only a prayer away! Drop upon your knees, repent and seek HIM!

CHRIST JESUS lived, died a horrible death, and was resurrected from the grave so you and I could trust in HIM in this fallen world, not worry about current situations, and so we could spend an eternity with HIM. Seek a relationship with HIM and HE will comfort you in these perilous times. CHRIST JESUS defeated death and has promised HIS followers peace and joy. It is through CHRIST JESUS that we begin to see this physical world as it really is. It is through CHRIST JESUS that we begin to see the truth in a physical world that is full of lies and deceit. It is through CHRIST JESUS that we are blessed with HIS own HOLY SPIRIT. The same HOLY SPIRIT that HE promised and breathed into HIS disciples after HIS resurrection. (John 20: 21-23)

I pray you will consider the importance of your relationship with CHRIST JESUS and turn to HIM before it is too late. CHRIST loves you and is coming back for HIS own people. What a beautiful and glorious day this will be.

“Do not fear”

P.S. It is not about attending a building, saying a prayer, or giving your money away. It is about developing a “personal” relationship with our Heavenly FATHER through CHRIST JESUS! Let go and let CHRIST take care of you.

In peace and love,


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